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2011 Tax Brackets

In Canada,  the more you earn the higher percentage of tax you have to pay.

For quick reference, links to the combined Federal and Provincial Tax Rates can be found below.  Please continue reading for additional information.

British Columbia    Alberta    Saskatchewan    Manitoba    Ontario    Quebec    Atlantic Provinces    Territories (all link to

Canada Revenue Agency (Federal and Provincial/Territorial rates in their original format).

Having a quick way to reference the tax brackets for where you live often comes in handy, such as when making decisions about how much to contribute to RRSPs.  Note that the tax brackets are different in each province/territory.

So in Canada, there are both federal tax brackets and provincial/territorial tax brackets.   To understand how much tax you will pay on each dollar earned, and ultimately your last dollar earned (also called your Marginal Tax Rate), you must look at both of these together.

For example, in Ontario, the Federal Tax Rates for 2011 are:

 Income  Tax
 $0 - $41,544  15%
 $41,544 - $83,088  22%
 $83,088 - $128,800  26%
 over $128,800  29%

And the Provincial Tax Rates for 2011 are:

 Income  Tax
 $0 - $37,774  5.05%
 $37,774 - $75,550  9.15%
 over $75,550  11.16%

Note that in reality there is Basic Personal Amount credit. At this amount or below, no tax is paid.

In order to really understand your tax brackets, you must combined to the two tables above together.  See the links above for tables where this has already been done.

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