Google Finance Canada

Google Finance Canada lets you input a list of your stocks and this list will appear right on the home page at (when you are logged in) which is extremely convenient. I keep two portfolios here…one of stocks I already own and one of stocks I want to buy.  You can quickly see a list of all your ticker symbols and beside each one there is the current stock price and the change in price relative to the previous days closing price. Importantly, the price change is shown in both dollars and as a percentage. I really like seeing the percentage when I am checking in often on stocks that I am thinking of purchasing. 

Note - there is the possibility of entering transactions in as well, but this is a feature that I don't use (I use Quicken for that).

Now this hardly constitutes ‘portfolio tracking’, but it is an important part of my overall system as I can quickly get a sense of what is going on on any particular day. Another nice thing is that once you have your portfolio of stocks listed, Google will let you see ‘Portfolio Related’ news. This is usually fairly accurate and since the news, I assume, is ranked by popularity (however they define it), you can quickly zero in on important news pertaining to your portfolio.

Tip - use and not going to the .ca version, when you enter ticker symbols in the search box Google will assume you are looking for stocks on the TSX and not on the American exchanges. Also you get to see what the TSX is doing right on the home page.

Google Finance App

Google makes a Google Finance App for Android devices. Unfortunately it currently works ONLY with stocks on US exchanges. At some point they will add the TSX...when this happens please let me know so I can update the information here!