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The downside of internet is that all to often you find only what you are looking for.  Sometimes you need to be exposed to ideas that you weren't looking for (you want to be well rounded don't you?)...and magazines are a great way to do this.

Why not go to Chapters, grab yourself a coffee, and leaf through these magazines and see if there is anything in there that speaks to you....

Canadian MoneySaver

Straight from their website, "Canadian MoneySaver is an acclaimed investment advisory with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down-to-earth service since 1981."  I agree wholeheartedly.  I have been a subscriber for many years now and I rely on it to keep up-to-date and learn of new changes in the investing world.  

You can order the print version, on-line version (pdf) or both. 

In addition, Canadian MoneySaver offers a free sample edition. A concept which I love. You can find the latest sample edition here:


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