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Stockchase is a website that basically reports what guests have said on the BNN shows Market Call and Market Call Tonight.  Is it unbelievable that such a thing exists? Yes.  It really must take someone some time to compile this information. But luckily, they do and you can read the opinions at your own leisure. (Thank you, whoever you are).

I find this site really useful for looking at comments for a particular stock for the past year or so. As mentioned in the BNN post I don't really care if the recommendations are buy, hold, sell or top pick (unless the expert is someone I really really have faith in)...what I am really looking for is key factors that the guests think will be affecting the stock price (or dividend) going forward.  Sometimes looking at the past years worth of comments can really paint a clear picture of what is happening in a particular company.

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Also, if you create an account you can create a portfolio which allows you receive emails containing expert comments that are specific to your own portfolio stocks. At last count 31,000 users have registered at

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